TYPE Woody Oriental


    TOP bergamot, coriander
    MIDDLE cinnamon, clove, cacao, vanilla
    LAST olibanum, sandalwood, oak moss


    The scent of kyara, the highest qulity agarwood, greater value than gold, rises straight up from the incense burner like a posture of an elegant and dignified woman. Light softly enters the room and enhances the woman's gracious air. In a nostalgic silence, she leaves behind the rustle of her kimono and the invisible traces of her shadow... This perfume has preciously locked up the Zen sense of Japanese beauty. It is Satori’s representative creation.


    Kyara’s fragrance is known to have five tastes: spicy, bitter, sweet, sour, and salty. I have expressed the five tastes by blending cinnamon and clove for spiciness, cacao for bitterness, and vanilla for sweetness. Sourness and saltiness was added with a delicate amount of bitter orange, oak tree, moss, and cypress, condensing the shades of the fragrance. These five tastes are unified by a woody scent based on sandalwood and olibanum, bringing out gentleness and warmth. I have tried to express the veiwpoint of "Wa" which is symbolized by Kyara scent.