Parfum Satori is a fragrance brand produced by Japanese perfumer Satori Osawa.

She has continued to create expressive perfume lines since she opened her Tokyo atelier in 2000.

She also designs scents for corporate products, gives lectures, and holds events.


It is said that sense of odor, among the five senses of human, directly reaches to your brain (that is in charge of your emotions and memories).

‘Scent’ has the power to retain and awaken memories and I hope that the scent of Parfum Satori will be with your life.

Twenty years ago when the collection began, generally, perfumes were something ‘for directing oneself’ and were offered as for men and for women in the market. However, recently, the usage of perfume seems to have been changing as something ‘for yourself’.

From the beginning of our collection starts, Parfum Satori has expanded its lineups, while thinking of the scent images as well as the scenes of the users, such as when you are wrapped in freshly washed linens or when you want to feel the slight breeze.

Flowers, trees, fruits, wind, water, light ... A calculation that harmonizes the blessings of nature and bring out beauty, weave, sustain, and diffuse.

We have created 21 collections(*4 is discontinued) in search of a ‘scent that nestle close to your memory’, hoping that the fragrance created by such ‘techniques of perfumery’ will adjust the rhythm of the life of the user, will bring a time of peace, and will be a clue to be encouraged.

Up to now, it has been widely favored by perfume lovers in Europe, America and Asia.


Satori was born in Tokyo, studied fragrance design and perfumery under Mr. Kenji Maruyama, while managing her own herb and aromatherapy shop (since 1988).

Since opening her salon "PARFUM SATORI" in Tokyo in 2000, she has been actively releasing her creative collections, holding seminars and classes, organizing events and creating fragrances for other applications, such as shampoo and shower gel, of other brands.

With her experience and profound knowledge in various forms of traditional Japanese art, such as "Kado (Flower arrangement)" and "Sado (Tea ceremony)", which she has practiced since the age of twelve and acquired diplomas of "Shihan" and "Chamei", and the art of "Kodo (Japanese Art of Fragrance)", she creates original perfumes for clients, perceiving fragrances from a "real oriental" angle, which might be slightly different from the oriental world represented in foreign countries.

The creation of "Japanese fragrances without boundaries" is Satori's lifework.